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Environmental protection

            As presently a number of consumers who care for natural products are increasing, such a trend as using a less – chemical but more-natural materials has been arisen along in cosmetics market especially in line of comsuming shampoo. For a long term and daily uses, there are some points that really matter to be concerned of: the proper PH balance to each skin’s type, the inconvenience of making only few bottles every once in a while, etc. Thus doesn’t the finished natural products from the experts that you can be sure of sound like an interesting alternative to that concern? We, Baivan, have been proudly presented and served our products as the alternative to those who care for herbal products which several awards guaranteed for the long-term quality.

Oil Treatment Shampoo

Our soft and aromatic shampoo is our selection best for your delicate hair. These 3 formulas have been formulated with natural extracted moisturizers such as…

Baivan Oil Conditioner

Baivan oil conditioners created for preventing your hair from becoming tangled and can also improve dry or damaged hair…

Coconut oil extra hair treatment

Reducing premature grey hair, Coconut oil & Rice bran oil provide vitamin E, B and amino acid to improve volume and healthy of damaged hair, smooth and enrich the hair cuticle.

Original Shampoo

herbal formula for revitalizing silky black hair and protecting loss hair.

Scrub Bars

A natural herb-extract scrub bars

Baivan scrub bars is the nature’s own cleaning agent that not only delivers power of cleansing but also treats your skin in a way nature intended….

Gentle Baivan Liquid Soap

A truly luxuriant, extra mild and gentle liquid soap made from certified organic ingredients. No harsh chemicals, additives…

ORGANICS Massaged Oil

This nourishing facial massage oil comprises certified organic ingredients from Coconut oil, Sesame oil, Rice bran oil , Essence Oil. Suitable for all skin types….

The Legend of Baivan

During her 82 years of a country Thai lady, Granny Eng Janchalerm had never found that her black hair ever faded from their naturally blackness. Granny was not only our respectful ancestor but also our sparkling inspiration from which our business grew up since 1986.
Granny Eng
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