Essence of Herbs


Gel from Aloe-Vera has many effective compounds for both hair and skin such Glucomannan, Galactos, Uronic acid, glycoprotien, Amino acid and other useful substances help in nourishing and recovering hair’s health. Thanks to Aloin and Tyrosianse enzyme’s beneficial healing and regenerative properties, the Aloe-Vera gel is commonly used in many skin care products to protect sunburn.

Leech Lime (Citrus)

Natural citric acid in citrus juice can clean up chemical left on your hair and scalp, and shining up your hair. Citrus is prolific in Vitamin C which is great for healing those dry and brittle hair.

Butterfly Pea

Traditionally Thais use butterfly pea to paint on children’s eyebrows and hair in order to darken them. Antosyanine from its leaf can stimulate hair renewal.


Lemongrass can be used as a medical herb. The lemongrass oil has anti-fungus properties that could solve hair loss problems caused by fungus. Lemongrass is used for the production of citronella oil, which used in aromatherapy as well.

Sesame oil

Applying sesame oil to hair can result in darken hair. It’s also used for hair and scalp massage, which helps in preventing hair loss.
Sesame oil is a source of Vitamin E, magnesium, copper, calcium, Zinc, Iron, an anti-oxidant and has been corrected with owering choresteral levels.

Mangosteen Ground

Mangosteen Ground is enriched in anti-oxidants including Tannin, Xanthones. The ground extract from mangosteen peel contains a major component called alpha-mangostin, which is responsible for its antibacterial capability.


Turmeric also has been compounds that are anti-oxidant and skin lightening properties and used to treat skin inflammation and it gives glow to skin and keeps some harmful bacterias away from the body.

Hom-Nin Riceberry

The “Anthosyanin” extracted from the Hom-Nin rice filled with many useful ingredient such as Iron, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Protien and natural oil. Thus either as food or mixture in shampoo, those useful ingredients help nourishing hair health to achieve maximum thickness, density as naturally.

Coconut oil

Since the old days, people have used coconut oil in various ways in cosmetic and skin treatment. It’s been commonly used for stying hair, cooling and soothing the head. Also it is excellent ingredient as in a skin moisturizer and hair softener.